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College or retirement – Which should you fund first?

Saving for your children’s education or your own retirement – how do you decide which is more important? A typical retirement will generally last longer and cost more than your child’s education. If you cannot adequately fund both, maximize your … Continue reading

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Student debt: It pays to consider the alternatives first

Will someone in your family be heading off to college soon? Before you take out student loans to pay tuition and other expenses, consider the results of a recent survey conducted for the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. The … Continue reading

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The clock’s ticking on 2013 tax-cutting

Want to lower your 2013 tax bill? The time for action is running out, so consider these tax-savers now. * You can choose to deduct sales taxes instead of local and state income taxes. If you’re planning big ticket purchases … Continue reading

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What’s more important – saving for children’s college or your retirement?

A college education. Retirement. What do these major life events have in common? One shared characteristic is that each comes with a price tag. Here’s another: If you have school-age kids, you might be facing the challenge of having to … Continue reading

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