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Tips on tip reporting

If you are like millions of taxpayers who work in the service industry, you may receive tips. The tax code is clear; if you receive tips you must report them as income. Some employers have systems to make this easy, … Continue reading

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New job? Four choices for your existing 401(k)

Changing jobs and companies can be an exciting opportunity, but you have a choice to make. What will you do with the retirement savings you have accrued in your 401(k)? Consider these four choices: Withdraw the money and don’t reinvest … Continue reading

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Hired Your First Employee? Your Tax Obligations

It’s a major milestone for you, but it comes with a lot of paperwork that must be done correctly. Bringing a new employee into your business is reason to celebrate. You’ve done well enough as a sole proprietor that you … Continue reading

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Single people need financial planning too

Whether you are a lifelong single person or you found yourself single through divorce or the death of your spouse, you have your own financial considerations and complications. Unfortunately, many single people overlook financial planning. Don’t make this costly mistake. … Continue reading

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Check your 2017 withholding

Withholding too much tax from your wages isn’t wise in the long run. Try to match withholding as closely as possible to your actual tax liability for the year. Invest the extra money in yourself, not the IRS.

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