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Cosigning a loan can hurt financially and emotionally

Cosigning a loan for a friend or family member may seem like a good way to help your loved one establish credit or get back on track financially. But be sure to use your head as well as your heart … Continue reading

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Two tax-smart ideas for your tax refund

Are you looking forward to your tax refund? By now you know how much you’ll be getting and approximately when the cash will land in your bank account. The only question is, what’s the best way to put the money … Continue reading

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Do you track your spending?

A 2016 Financial Literacy Survey conducted by Harris Poll concluded that 40% of Americans track spending with a budget. That number has been pretty much the same for the past decade. Are you one of those 40%? Or are you … Continue reading

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Fight scammers the old-school way

    Scam artists are relentless in finding ways to take your money. But some old-school methods are still effective for protecting yourself. Here are suggestions. Fortify your computer and your phone. Install anti-virus and anti-spyware programs and update your … Continue reading

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Work-related education costs may be deductible

  Are you going to school this fall to earn an advanced degree or to brush up on your work skills? If so, you might be able to deduct what you pay for tuition, books, and other supplies. If you’re … Continue reading

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Student debt: It pays to consider the alternatives first

Will someone in your family be heading off to college soon? Before you take out student loans to pay tuition and other expenses, consider the results of a recent survey conducted for the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. The … Continue reading

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