Pay attention to restored deductions for 2012

A number of tax breaks that had expired at the end of 2011 or were to expire at the end of 2012 were extended by the recently passed law, the “American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012.” Keep these deductions and credits in mind as you gather the paperwork for filing your 2012 tax return. Those that apply to you or your business could cut your 2012 tax bill.

FOR INDIVIDUALS. The law restored for 2012 through 2013 the following tax breaks:

* The optional deduction for state and local sales taxes instead of deducting state and local income taxes.

* The above-the-line deduction for up to $4,000 for qualified tuition and related expenses.

* The deduction for mortgage insurance premiums.

* The above-the-line deduction for up to $250 for classroom supplies purchased by teachers.

* The exclusion from income for cancellation of mortgage debt of up to $2 million on a principal residence.

FOR BUSINESSES. Included in the law’s provisions were the following items that could affect your business:

* The Section 179 first-year expensing option was increased retroactively for 2012 and extended through 2013 at $500,000 for the purchase of new and used equipment. The investment limit is set at $2,000,000.

* 50% bonus depreciation, which applies only to new equipment purchases, was extended through 2013.

* Both the research tax credit and the Work Opportunity Tax Credit were extended through 2013.

For assistance in identifying and utilizing all the tax deductions, both new and old, to which you are entitled, please give us a call.

About Brenda J. McGivern, CPA

Brenda McGivern started her own certified public accounting and management consulting firm in October 2001. The full service CPA firm provides tax and accounting solutions to meet the needs of today's small business and individual. Brenda McGivern has become a trusted advisor and valuable resource her clients rely on for timely, accurate assistance when they need it. Before starting the firm, she worked as an accountant for three years at a local firm and prior to that five years at a large international CPA firm in Boston. She has performed the following tax services: federal, state and local tax planning, international tax planning, estate and succession planning, mergers and acquisitions, capital retention and IRS representation. She has also coordinated assurance engagements, such as financial statement audits, reviews and compilations from the planning phase through the reporting phase. She has prepared and reviewed regulatory filings for numerous regulatory agencies including the Security and Exchange Commission. Prior to these positions she was selected from over 2,000 candidates into an eight-person intensive financial management program at an international technology company. The program consisted of graduate level classroom study and two six-month rotational assignments in financial operations. She graduated cum laude from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst and holds a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration with a concentration in accounting. McGivern also holds a license in Massachusetts as a Certified Public Accountant and is a member of the American Society of Certified Public Accountants and the Massachusetts Society of Certified Public Accountants. She resides in Stoughton, Massachusetts with her husband Brian, and their sons Sean, Ryan and Conor and their dog, Davis.
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